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Communicating is the art of giving, exchanging information, and expressing and sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences. Through communication, we learn to connect and create links that support our personal, professional and social development.


Alex Cenem, the founder and administrator, developed the I.S. (Interface Schema) English language project to back up this first process. He uses a neuropsychology- methodology approach which he designed himself to teach how one can learn to communicate in English. He focuses on Brazilian-Portuguese speakers as it is his mother tongue.


There are also plans to create mentoring projects and workshops to help the improvement of communication skills throughout our communities. 

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Check the link below for more information on Alex Cenem's Interface Schema English Language project.

In this first communication programme, Alex uses neuropsychology (a branch of neuroscience) to teach how to learn the English language.

Languages' Projects


At Interface Schema, we are developing plans to support and inspire young children to learn basic life-management skills during entertaining and educational workshops. During our projects, children will be learning organisational skills, how to deal with expectations and frustration (emotional intelligence*) and how to assess their actions and reactions, including how to develop the value of teamwork.

Alex Cenem, the founder and administrator, is a child-developmental psychologist. He plans to provide educational courses and workshops to share his understanding and experiences in human development to support parents and carers in their very challenging duties

*Emotional intelligence refers to the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

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The WITSKIDS Channel was an experiential project but Alex is planning to revisit its structures in the future. Meanwhile, you can check some of the work created by our first team.

Children's Project
Project Management



Interface Schema Project Management is a platform that provides and promotes on-the-job experience training. Alex Cenem, the founder and administrator, is recruiting volunteers to help in the development of the projects.


Initially, each project will offer "freelance work" on particular assignments, these positions may turn into permanent roles depending on the development and success of the projects, teams and the programme itself.


The event's organisation will include Management - budget coordination and planning, Catering, entertainment, different venues, travel arrangements, marketing, promotion and much more opportunities, depending on the project/client's needs


The plan is to set up a Social Enterprise structure to promote the interface Schema Management projects. 


Get in touch to discuss any further information. 




What does


it is a point where two systems, subjects, organisations meet and interact.

Moreover, it can be related to an alliance, bond, coherence, combination, collaboration, communication, connection, integration, liaison, meld, merge, and neutral ground.





What does

SCHEMA mean? 

It is a mental model of the world aspects of the self. It is the structure to facilitate 

the processes of cognition 

and perception.

P.S, The word "schemE" is the plan or idea that one implements towards a specific goal.


source, English Language & Usage

Name definition
About Alex Cenem


Alex Cenem

Since I was a child, I have been passionate about understanding the real essence of personal and social evolution. After many years of studying and experiencing a full life, I am convinced that the link between child development, communication and life management are the primary processes in the development of any individual. 

I invested over 30 years working, training and learning in the UK, and because I was born in Brazil, I have also experienced the challenges of being a foreign learner. I have also managed and trained, in many fields, over 5000 people of diverse ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. 


Today I am a business manager and a personal, professional and social development consultant with a background in child-developmental psychology. I want to use my knowledge and experience to help people maximise their potential in all areas (personal, professional and social).


Currently, I am working to build up a solid foundation to launch my development programmes, including the Interface Schema programme, the DNA programme and my consultancy for human improvement

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